At Faders we do complete guitar setups on all styles of guitar and other stringed instruments. What is a guitar setup? Here is our process:


  • remove old strings
  • tighten machine heads
  • polish frets
  • clean fingerboard
  • condition fingerboard
  • adjust truss rod
  • check/reset intonation
  • clean, tighten and test electronics
  • adjust pickup height
  • install new strings
  • clean and polish guitar
  • test action and playability
  • final adjustments and inspection


We're not done until the guitar looks and plays better than new!

Guitar setups can often be done the same day that you bring your guitar in.

If the guitar is really out-of-whack sometimes we ask to keep it overnight or for a few extra days to make sure everything is fixed.


In case you haven't noticed, Manitoba has cold winters. That means furnaces are running constantly and drying out the air in your house. That also drys out your guitar and can cause all sorts of problems including:

  • buzzing strings
  • high playing action
  • warped necks
  • sharp fret ends
  • corduroy-like ripple feeling/look to the top of your acoustic
  • cracked heel joints
  • cracked guitar tops
  • and so on

At Faders we can combine a complete guitar setup with a 1 or 2 week rescue humidification process that will restore your guitar to it's best condition and help to prevent future problems.  


We also repair and replace guitar tuning machines, bridges, nuts, jacks, pots, switches & pickups in all styles of guitar and stringed instruments.


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