What do lessons cost?


Lessons are available for purchase in packs of 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40.


5 lessons   = $125.00 ($25.00 per lesson)

10 lessons = $195.00 ($19.50 per lesson)

20 lessons = $380.00 ($19.00 per lesson) 

30 lessons = $540.00 ($18.00 per lesson) 

40 lessons = $680.00 ($17.00 per lesson) 


Lifetime Membership - $49.99. Covers your entire family & gets you discounts on music books & unlimited printed course materials from your teacher. 



How old do you have to be to start Music Lessons?


Typically students starting private music lessons are in the 5 – 12 year old age range depending on the instrument. The most common choices for private lessons are piano/keyboard, guitar, drums and voice. Adult lessons are very popular too.


What happens if I have to cancel or miss a lesson? Do I lose that lesson?


As long as you call/email/text or Facebook message us ahead of time your lesson will simply roll over to the next week free of charge. This applies if you are sick, on holidays or just have a scheduling conflict. Your time slot will always be held and waiting for you.


Do I need to own an instrument to take lessons?


To get the best value from your lessons you should have a decent quality instrument at home to practice on. We have lots of guitars, drum kits and keyboards available for sale at Faders – some starting under $100. The cost for good quality new instruments has come down a lot over the past several years so it costs a lot less than you might think to purchase a new instrument.


If you want to try some lessons before purchasing an instrument you can always rent one and see how it goes before making a purchase. Of course if you decide to purchase your rented instrument a portion of your rent will be applied to the purchase price!


How long does it take to learn to play an instrument?


That’s a tricky question… we find that motivated students of any age can see results very quickly on their chosen instrument (as long as they practice regularly). The results should be both fun and rewarding as the student’s skill level improves bit by bit. The most important thing is that the student enjoys the process – the more fun you are having the more you want to play and the more you play the better you get! 


I'm interested in taking piano lessons. Do we need a piano or can we use a keyboard?


If you have a traditional acoustic piano in your living room (that’s in tune) that’s great! Electronic pianos are a great choice as well but by far the most popular choice is a portable keyboard. Portable keyboards are an excellent choice for beginners and are perfect for the first 2 or 3 years of lessons. Faders stocks several portable keyboards for beginners starting at around $150 (you can rent one too)


When can I sign up?


Anytime. We offer lessons 12 months a year 6 days a week.


What is the best instrument to learn on?


Your choice! Guitar, piano, drums – whatever you are most interested in. However for kids under 7 or 8 we usually recommend piano/keyboard over guitar simply because holding the guitar and pressing the strings down, forming chords etc can be a bit tricky and may be bit frustrating sometimes*. Drums are very popular for younger kids too.


*with the 2014 introduction of Loog Guitars we now offer guitar lessons to kids 4 and up!


Can we take a “trial” lesson to start?


Sure! We would be happy to find a spot for you to try out a lesson at Faders. Of course it is hard to decide whether or not music is for you with just one lesson… but we are very confident that you will have a great time and want to register for more! (the standard lesson rate applies to trial lessons).


Will I learn music theory and to read music?


Theory is definitely part of any quality music lesson program. All of the teachers at Faders are qualified to provide both the practical playing side of the lessons and also as much theory as you want or need. Every student is different so the teacher will create a lesson that best fits each individual. But the most important thing is that the student has fun and enjoys learning the instrument. That is why the sometimes “boring” theory stuff is taught in fun and creative ways.


Do you offer lessons for adults?


Adults are always welcome and in fact make up a good portion of our new lesson students. It’s never too late to get started!


What’s better to learn on, the electric or acoustic guitar?


We always recommend starting on the instrument that will inspire you to play! If you want to play acoustic - go acoustic. If you want to play electric - go electric. You will have more fun & get better faster if you are playing the instrument you want! 


In most cases the exact same method books and teaching approach are used with beginning guitarists on either steel string acoustic or electric guitar. So from a "learning to play guitar" perspective it does not make much of a difference either way :)



More Details:


The lesson rates are the same for all lessons (guitar, piano, drums, voice, bass, ukulele, mandolin). Any unused lessons at the end of the school year can be used in the summer or carried over to the following fall session. Once you have used up your lessons you can simply purchase another pack and keep your same lesson slot.