Drum Lessons

Learn the music that you want to play.

Every lesson you will work with your drum teacher on skills that will get you playing your favourite songs & music. We teach any style of music, any age and any skill level.

Course Material

Our drum teachers will teach you the essential skills and techniques for playing drums and percussion. Some of the stuff you will work on:

  • Warm up exercises
  • Essential Rudiments
  • Beats
  • Fills
  • Blues, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Country, Metal & World Rhythms
  • Music History & Appreciation
  • Tuning, Care & Maintenance


Our drum teachers play in bands and have lots of performance experience. Most have done quite a bit of songwriting and recording too. Our drum teachers also work in the store so they know about drums - not just how to play them. Our teachers will work hard to get you playing as fast as possible - they want you to succeed.

Teaching Studios

Our comfortable teaching studios are located in the back of the store and are loaded with the latest electronic drums to enhance your lessons.

The Lessons

Drum Lessons are typically once a week - the same day and time every week - for 30 minutes. Each lesson you will review your prior lesson, sort out any questions or challenges you had during your week of practice and move onto new material to continue moving forward with your learning.

Measurable Results

We want you to progress quickly and really enjoy learning the drums. That's why we have developed our simple 412 Method to help you get the most out of your lessons. There are Monthly Practice Challenges and awesome prizes for all participating students.